butterfly wings of winter

butterfly wings of winter

Happy New Year 2012

Hello dear friends,

I have been so busy since my last post which seems to be almost a year ago!  Wow...where did the time go?  So much has happened, so many projects have been completed, and now I am wanting to start my new year with keeping in touch.  So...hello, hope you are smiling and thinking only happy thoughts.
I have knitted many new projects and will have to post a few pictures...I promise soon.
In the meantime, hope your winter is definitely not as cold as mine has been.  Since November, we have been challenged by a winter chill, averaging -22 below.  Yesterday, I took a picture of the temperature reading -40 below....chilly! What would the Chicago weatherman say to that?

Thinking of fall and winter warmth

So today is one of those rare days of late summer....I am resting my weary feet and enjoying the warm colors of fall surrounding the lodge.
I am missing my home by the ocean in Homer and looking forward to settling in for a winter filled with many projects, travel, and change.
Soon our fall vacation begins, a road trip is in the plans...traveling one way to Newark NJ and driving a new truck back to Alaska. I can't wait to fill the bed of the truck with great finds for our cabins...great memories and bliss.
I am dreaming in white... angel wings..vintage finds...hopelessly romantic me.
Love to all,

What happened to Spring in Denali?

Hello friends and family,
My birthday is just around the corner along with Mother's Day and the opening of our lodge for summer season...and....we woke up to a snow storm here in the interior of Alaska. What happened to Spring?
I was planning on going out to my little gift shop, Diva's of Denali, however, I will need to put my winter down jacket and my fav Ugg boots on and trudge through a few inches of snow. What? Snow? Aw...the pleasures of Alaska!
Ok...so maybe I will go and enjoy baking something yummy and sip on sinfully rich aroma coffee...and dream of sunshine, pretty flowers, cherry blossoms, iris blooms, and yeah...spring time!
Hugs and happy thoughts,
Hello dear friends,
I have been at the lodge for a week of pure lovliness, meaning; the sun is brilliant for most of the day, and I am with my husband. With winter dog sledding expeditions in full swing, a glimpse of my husband for more than a few hours here and there is rare.
I have been working on a new blog for EarthSong Lodge and just started seeking tutorials since learning the art of blogging is a new tool. Check out www.earthsonglodge.blogspot.com and see how I am doing.
Gee...three weeks until spring..believe it or not, here in Denali the willow buds are starting to bloom. I can only dream they are cherry blossoms!
Hugs and happy thoughts,

Preparing for new scenery

Hello there,
Well, it is time for me to travel again south to our home in Homer Alaska. I will miss my husband, the breathtaking scenery, the brilliant sun shining through the windows, and the intense silence. Off to our lovely home, a zillion projects, walking the beach, developing a new blog for EarthSong Lodge, yoga classes, swimming... and a new me for a new year.
Here's to many happy thoughts...

Knitting for healing and physical therapy

This is my current knitting project, a sweater coat made with tweed yarn. I have been pushing myself to knit with my healing broken arm...great physical therapy and a great challenge. Next picture will be finished project...I hope! Wish me luck.

Happy 2010

Dear friends and family,
It has been a long time since I have added to this blog, so it's about time!
I wish you all happiness and oceans full of snowy succulent happy thoughts.
Tips of inspiration I am thriving on for 2010:
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain (or snow).
If you've fallen....no worries...get up and get going. Believe in yourself.
Remind yourself often that you can do anything you set out to do, just close your eyes and envision the outcome.
And last but not least, I have a yellow bike just like the picture above (can you see me riding this?) After 4 surgeries for the past 4 summers, I am determined to get on my bike and ride quite a lot in 2010!!!! Wish you were with me:)